Red Sparowes - At the Soundless Dawn (2005, FLAC) MP3/Flac

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Red Sparowes is a kind of a supergroup, formed by members of accomplished post-rock and sludge metal bands (Isis & Neurosis being the biggest names). The word "epic" might've been ruined by the internet, but that's the right word to describe them - the band aims for a bombastic sound, consequently managing to be more interesting than many bands in the genre. Welcome to the metal side of post-rock. As you could expect, there are no vocals, but the long and poem-like track titles help underline the band's message. Simply put, this is apocalyptic music, inspired by the idea of a "sixth mass extinction event" caused by humans.

As The Explanation Came To A Close, The Spectators' Excited Palms, As If Living A Childlike Life Of Their Own, Reached For The Download Link.

It Took More Than A Failed Promise To Make Them Give Up Their Search.

But After The Third Time, It Was Really Getting Old (Part 1, Part 2).