Monolake - Momentum (2003, FLAC) MP3/Flac

Robert Henke took Techno as hostage, keeping him under strict discipline for months. Techno lived malnourished in a dark basement with uncle Henke experimenting on his circuits. He was only allowed to leave the basement for training after each of their daily sessions. Henke would make him go through tests, timing Techno's results and rating his precision. Henke didn't settle for anything less than perfection, cutting his next battery ration for each mistake.

While the pursuit did improve Techno physically, he became increasingly unstable. Hostile, anxious and austere, Techno was no longer the extroverted partygoer he used to be. Henke had turned him into a monster.

However, once the Organization turned out to be real, Techno realized it had been for his own good.