Lewis & Clarke - Bare Bones and Branches MP3/Flac

Lewis & Clarke - Bare Bones and Branches

The following (taken from their bio) sounds ridiculous. Had I not been familiar with them before reading this I would have never listened to 'em. Not even for a second.
"The moniker has been described as metaphor for journey on many levels, including musical, spiritual, and physical?"
"Bare Bones and Branches, originally released in the fall was called "The perfect Autumnal album" by the Associated Press. One can begin to detect clues and identify patterns of Lewis & Clarke as an organic, ever changing life's work"

That aside, Lewis & Clarke really play to my tastes. They play slow, pretty folk tunes. Simple and catchy vocal melodies tend to anchor the songs. Great guitar playing and creeping keys make fine accompaniment.

Physical copies of this record are out of print due to small runs but their follow up full length "Blasts of Holy Birth" and EP "Light Time" are both available worldwide from the band (via the label they run). Both of them are really amazing and pleasant to hold and to look at. If you like "Bare Bones..." you will love the rest that they have to offer.

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