Bo Jenkins\' Roadtrain - Roadtrain MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 51:47
Size: 120.6 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Country blues
Year: 2007
Art: Front

[4:51] 1. One From A Hendred
[4:12] 2. She Ran Off With My Guitar
[3:44] 3. Young Boy Gone Bad
[4:22] 4. I'd Like To Know
[4:51] 5. Alright By Me
[5:26] 6. Rot Gut Whiskey
[5:08] 7. P.O.S.
[3:21] 8. Ain't No Rock'n Rollin Anymore
[3:55] 9. Last Thing I Wanted
[3:46] 10. Over5 The Hill
[2:57] 11. Mt. Isa
[5:10] 12. Another Mile

We joined forces about 4 years ago when Bo moved to the Gold Coast from Melbourne. Bo was originaly from Little Rock, Arkansas which directly influences our style in a Southern Rock vein. We play many of the Blues and Country festivals around Australia and gig mainly up and down the east coast in between. People find it hard to pigeon hole our music (judge for yourself) but we like to just kick arse when we can. I call it ROCKIN' COUNTRY BLUES.

Revered as an original artist in his own right, releasing three previous albums, Bo has been on stage with some impressive acts in the United States including 'Reba McIntyre', 'BB King', 'Kansas' and 'Albert King' to name a few. His uncanny knack of playing left handed upside down has left many players aghast at his dexterity and unique approach. Maton have just endorsed Bo with a range unique guitars suited to his eclectic style...... bojenkins.

I started playing drums with brass bands, the National Youth Orchestra and Sydney Symphony Orchestra before going full time with 'Finch', 'Swanee' and the 'Col Joye Show'. Moved to the Gold Coast and joined Phil Emanuel's 'Kakadu', played a no. of inhouse gigs and backed many artists, live and in the studio. I have a gig as a sound engineer at the Gold Coast Arts Centre and play in some of the productions as well as operate a recording studio at home. Recently played and recorded with Gwyn Ashton from the U.

Michel our bass player is Conservatory trained specialising in jazz studies, while his real interest lies in live performance with acts such as Mike McLelland, Three Way Radio, The Intruders and Hi Home I'm Honey. Michel is also an avid teacher of music in his home region of Northern New South Wales. ~Peter McFarlane