Eddie Hinton - Hard Luck Guy MP3/Flac

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Time: 43:05
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Released: 1999
Styles: Blues Soul, Retro Soul
Label: Zane Records
Art: Full artwork included

01. Hard Luck Guy (3:04)
02. Can't Beat The Kid (2:51)
03. Here I Am (3:36)
04. Sad Song (3:55)
05. One Mo' Time (3:57)
06. Watch Dog (2:40)
07. I Can't Be Me (4:11)
08. Lovin' Chain (2:23)
09. Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongry (2:36)
10. I Got My Thang Together (3:57)
11. Ol' Mister Wind (3:48)
12. Ubangi Stomp (3:12)
13. What Would I Do Without You (2:51)

Cobbled together from tracks Hinton recorded at Capricorn Studios during the Very Extremely Dangerous sessions and with additional recording in the '90s, this is arguably Hinton's masterpiece, though he didn't live to see its release. Heavies like Spooner Oldham; keys, Dan Penn; vocals, Johnny Sandlin; drums, Donnie Fritts; Hammond B-3, and many more, weighed-in to finish the tracks after Hinton died in '95; it may be one explanation for the absolutely contemporary and immediate feeling to the recording. "Lovin' Chain" swings with the familiarity of an Atlantic Records soul-era classic; "Three Pounds of Hongry" is a back porch country blues; "I Got My Thang Together" is good ol' Southern Rock; "Here I Am" with its doo wop melody and brand of sexual bravado is a simple plea for love. The set's heartbreaker is its title track. Like that weird note Otis Redding reaches for in "I've Been Lovin' You Too Long," Hinton hits one in "Hard Luck Guy." It's difficult not to be struck by his aching sound and the song's sentiment given the singer's fate. ~Review by Denise Sullivan