The John Slaughter Blues Band - A New Coat of Paint MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 42:56
Size: 99.3 MB
Label: Timeless Records
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 1992/2008
Art: Front

[4:15] 1. Riding with the King
[3:32] 2. Walking on Sunset
[3:41] 3. I Believe to my Soul
[4:38] 4. Paint my Mailbox Blue
[3:19] 5. Watch Your Step
[5:35] 6. Cold Cold Feeling
[4:05] 7. Woke up this Morning
[4:55] 8. Help me
[3:35] 9. Don't go to Strangers
[5:17] 10. A New Coat of Paint

The John Slaughter Blues Band released two albums on Timeless. Featuring mostly covers, this one is tight, played with passion, and ripping fun. John Slaughter is one of the most respected guitarists of the Blues scene. He already played with John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, T Bone Walker, John Mayall, Rory Gallagher and other prominent blues artists. The musicians of the band are all playing in other reputed bands like the 'G B Blues Company', 'Super Charge', 'Jon Cleary', 'Unfinished Business', 'The Kinks', 'Kit Packham and Crucial Blues' which makes the formation of the John Slaughter Blues Band a special kaleidoscope of the Blues scene in England.

John Slaughter (guitar); John Beecham (trombone, tuba); Nick Payn (tenor sax, bass, soprano sax, flute, hm, vocals); Andy Hamilton (alto sax, tenor sax, flute); richard Simmons (keyboard); Jim Rodford (bass, vocals); Steve Dixon (drums, percussion); Paul Cox (vocals); Sian Ellis Thomas (vocals); Frank Mead (alto sax, tenor sax)

A New Coat of Paint