Solomon King - Medicine MP3/Flac

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Time: 28:48
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2011
Styles: Contemporary Blues
Label: JLM inc
Art: Front

01. Medicine (3:37)
02. Baby Does Me Good (2:49)
03. Make You Mine (2:02)
04. Little Wheel (2:06)
05. Dont You Love Me No More (2:58)
06. Closer (3:03)
07. Cinnamon Rose (2:04)
08. Bucket (3:31)
09. Trouble (3:36)
10. Be My Baby (2:57)

Solomon King's debut 2009 CD, Under the Sun, earned him a Grammy entrant nomination. Now his new CD, Medicine, strips down today's over-produced slush and returns music to its very essence. Medicine is an exciting throwback to when the blues and rock made you want to rock and roll! Medicine is a tasty dish, evoking John Lee Hooker, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and a little of that "bad to the bone" of George Thorogood. It's raw, one-take, uncomplicated medicine for the soul. Trust us, resistance is futile. . .

so shut up and just take your Medicine!

1. "Medicine" - An irresistible blues love song. You need your medicine, and your medicine is a bit of Solomon King.2. "Baby Does Me Good" - Foot stomping, rocking blues with some real horny guitar.3. "Make You Mine" - We suggest you shoot back some whiskey for this damn fine homage to early rockers like George Thorogood and his Destroyers. Count Solomon King as part of this great rock tradition.4. "Little Wheel" - Some classic early rock blues on this John Lee Hooker tune done in Solomon King's inimitable 5. "Don't you love me no more?" - More dirty licks for this excellent bad lovin' song. 6. "Closer" - Sweet, sweet, sweet ballad - takes the edge off the bad lovin' we all go through. "Everything's going to be alright!"7. "Cinammon Rose" - A killer country road tune. Put on your boots and hat, grab your gal and high step it out onto that dance floor!8. "Bucket" - Sure, the economy sucks, you just lost your job and your shirt, and you got those depression blues. But just put 'em all in a bucket 'cause you "don't need nothing" but a line of Solomon King.9. "Trouble" - Looking for trouble and a little tango? Well, Solomon King is the Leonard Cohen of troubled blues. 'Nuff said!10. "Be My Baby" - Stripped down, raw naked emotion. The classic Be My Baby never had it so good!