Chris Farlowe - At Rockapalast MP3/Flac

Size: 226,2 MB
Time: 98:49
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2006
Source: DVD
Styles: Blue-Eyed Soul, Modern Electric Blues
Label: Inakustik
Art: Full

01. Introduction ( 1:06)
02. Option On You Baby ( 4:48)
03. Blues As Blues Can Get ( 6:18)
04. I'll Sing The Blues For You ( 7:30)
05. I Don't Want To Sing The Blues No More ( 4:35)
06. Handbags & Gladrags ( 6:21)
07. Piece Of Mind ( 6:10)
08. Lovin' Arms ( 5:43)
09. Stormy Monday Blues (With Nikolay Arutyunov) (15:01)
10. Ain't No Big Deal On You ( 5:27)
11. Though On Me, Though On You ( 9:50)
12. Out Of Time ( 6:09)
13. Miss You Fever ( 9:03)
14. All Or Nothing ( 4:08)
15. Rock'n'Roll Soldier ( 6:33)

More than 40 years into his career, Chris Farlowe proves he can still deliver a superb show with this live performance, running just over an hour, that captures the '60s/'70s U.K. soul legend near top form. Farlowe is still a soul shouter with the best of them, even if he has to make a few concessions to the calendar at age 66. The key to his success, ranging through material from across his history (including one original, "I Don't Want to Sing the Blues No More"), is that his voice has held up, and he still feels the music inside. And some of the songs represented here, such as "Out of Time," actually work better than they did in their original recordings -- Farlowe has, fortunately, outlived the worst excesses of some of the periods in which he recorded, and has lived to put down updated (and upgraded) renditions of various chunks of his history, with a solid lean and mean band. Here we get to hear Farlowe's voice unadulterated by the inclinations of various producers and engineers with whom he's worked in the distant past, and that's still mighty impressive. That he's never received the level of international recognition enjoyed by rivals such as Eric Burdon is a situation that might amaze those who hear this CD. It's a great account of his latter-day capabilities, and actually not a bad way to start discovering Farlowe's singing. ~Review by Bruce Eder