Blue Illusion - S/T MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 45:45
Size: 104.7 MB
Label: Rotary Records
Styles: Blues rock
Year: 2003
Art: Front

[3:33] 1. Don't Come Around
[3:27] 2. Keep Your Eyes Open
[4:28] 3. EB
[7:07] 4. Dreamin'
[6:06] 5. Keep On Pushin'
[5:19] 6. Leaving To Stay
[2:46] 7. I Don't Worry
[7:06] 8. Not Gonna Be Fooled
[5:49] 9. Glass

Chris Piquette - Guitar, Vocals; Nick Newman - Drums; Ryan Andrews - Bass

In the spirit of the SRV power trio combined with progressive song writing comparable to that of Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepard, this band of 18 year olds have been playing their way through east coast venues and has garnered more attention in their first three months than many bands see after years of playing! Chris Piquette fronts the band with his acclaimed guitar work and strong vocals. Audiences stand mesmerized as solos flow effortlessly through him to his metallic blue stratocaster. Chris is complimented with the impressive Nick Newman on drums and prodigy Ryan Andrews on bass.

This group came together in the Summer of 2001 and they haven't looked back since. When you experience the live sound it's truly hard to believe the quality of music performed by these three 18 year olds. Their recent sold out show at Theodores (national blues venue, Springfield, Ma) introduced the band to the blues community and ToneCool records. The faces in the audience told the story of the impact that these three young men deliver in their live performance. Powerful and expressive Blues/Rock and Roll done up right. Witness the beginnings of something extraordinary!

Blue Illusion