Kalle & l\'African Team -Tango ya ba Wendo Vol. IIafrican 1970 MP3/Flac

This LP has a few strange properties, to start with, the frontcover

says it's called 'Tango ya ba Wendo volume II' but the backsleeve

says Volume 3. The number as stated on the sleeve is 'african

360.105', but that place is already taken by a Franco album as

we can see at Bolingo's page for instance. Find it here.

I read; Polygram, african, Sofrason, It's confusing.

Can you help us out please Bolingo ?

Part from all the confusion, we have us an LP by one of

Congo's greatest. He is called the inventor of Congolese rumba.

With songs and/or participation of Mujos, Manu Dibango,

Kwamy, Dédé and Gonzalo next to Grand Kalle himself of course.

The front cover was clearly taken from this one.