Franco - Global Groove\'s Selection 2011 MP3/Flac

Africa's greatest artist of all time is Franco Luambo Makiadi,

that is, if you ask me. He died on october 12, 1989,

exactly 22 years ago today. A fine opportunity to

launch a compilation with some of his work. It seemed

a good idea to use my collage as it's cover. I hope

you like both and wish you happy listening,

after all these years, still the best,

let’s honour him once more !


1 Kinzonzi kitata mbenda

2 Tolanda nzela moko

3 Cheri Lovy

4 Nayebaki likambo

5 Liberté

6 Boma ngai, ngai na boma yo

7 Course au pouvoir

8 Likambo ekoswa na motema

9 Kamikaze

10 Mutambula mpimpa

11 Likambo na moto te