Terry Hughes & The Backyard Party - Hey Leo - Your Fool MP3/Flac

In my never ending quest to find all musical things New Jersey i have unearthed this weird little private Rock nugget. It was recorded at Trax East in South River N.J. by a good friend of mine Eric Rachel. it kinds has a somewhat Punk or Punky vibe. And I'm sure if it was from 1978 instead of 1984 it would be a high dollar KBD? (Ha Ha) item. Either way I'm lost on the Hey Leo "where'd you get the hat" joke. But it aint too bad of a tune. Your Fool is a more straight up Power Pop (poop) tune. Not too shabby. I kinda dig it. It sounds a little bit like Ace Frehley from KISS on vocals.... Looks like he has another 7 inch from 1981 but I've never seen or heard it. Got any info?

Terry Hughes & The Backyard Party - Hey Leo

Terry Hughes & The Backyard Party - Your Fool