Gregory Isaacs - Unattended MP3/Flac

Pow Wow CD, 1993

 1) Mr. Sweetness
 2) When Hungry Walks
 3) Footprints Across My Heart
 4) Rude Boy Gone
 5) Don Man Girl
 6) Don't Call Me Baldhead
 7) Mr. Yesterday
 8) Stamped And Approved
 9) Thank You
10) Night Nurse
11) To Whom It May Concern

Bass, Keyboards & Drums: Danny Browne
Backing Vocals: Junior Eccles, Nadine Sutherland, Pam Hall & J.C. Lodge

Arranged by: Dean Fraser
Produced by: Augustus "Gussie" Clarke
Engineered by: Robert Murphy
Mixed by: Steven Stanley
Recorded & Mixed at: Music Works II