Preko Zidova Nacionalizama I Rata (1996) MP3/Flac

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01 Wasserdicht - Moja Prepričanja
02 Totalni Promašaj - Prva Borbena Linija
03 Hoću Neću! - Halo Efekt
04 Brigade O.D. - New Soldier
05 Nula - Tvoja Doza Mržnje
06 Bijes Zdravog Razuma - Žrtve Rata
07 Überzeitung - Brave New Man

Project "Over the Walls of Nationalism and War" (released by Humanita Nova) is a 7'' compilation, which presents 7 bands from the area of ex-Yugoslavia. This whole project is thought of as some kind of a communication between the people of good will, and as a proof that, despite the newcame situation, where mutual intolerance rules, dialogue isn't only possible, but also necessary...


Preview: Nula - Tvoja Doza Mržnje: