Avengers - Died For Your Sins (1999) MP3/Flac

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01 Teenage Rebel
02 Friends Of Mine
03 White Nigger
04 The Good The Bad And The Kowalskis
05 I Want In
06 Crazy Homicide
07 The End Of The World
08 Fools Or Hippies (Spoken Intro)
09 The American In Me
10 Get Up! (Spoken Intro)
11 Open Your Eyes
12 Car Crash
14 Fuck You
15 Joker's Wild
16 Something's Wrong
17 Wrong Town (Spoken Intro)
18 Desperation
19 I Believe In Me
20 Money
21 We Are The One

Lasting a mere two years (1977-1978), The Avengers quickly made their mark in the late 70's San Francisco punk scene. This is a compilation of live material, unreleased tracks, and other hard-to-find cuts released by Lookout! Records. Sleazy, fast, and just balls-to-the-wall blasts of punk rock...


Preview: Avengers - Crazy Homicide: