Avens - Surrounding Reality (2011) MP3/Flac

This one is for my man Avens across the pond, maker of beautiful beats. September 21, 2011 will be the release of his debut album Surrounding Reality through Introducing! Productions in Japan. I still remember the very first time I heard Avens and his music has been getting better and better ever since. Keep your eyes peeled and start filling up your iTunes account!! :)

Enjoy the chilled vibe, and keep your focus

- Avens


Avens - Surrounding Reality (2011)


01. IntroDucing

02. Memorable Soul (Feat. Doc Wattson)

03. Awake for life (Feat. Kondor)

04. Interlude

05. Tone of Mind (Feat. BAHR)

06. Do Not Forget Love

07. Abstract Moments

08. Remember Times

09. Nujabes Tribute

10. Two Seasons

11. Surrounding Reality (Feat. Jas Mace)

12. Night Watchers (Feat. Uptown Swuite)

13. OutroDucing

14. Generativity (Feat. CL & Mrs Bux & Thomas Prime) [BONUS TRACK]

15. Memorable Soul (Instrumental)

16. Surrounding Reality (Instrumental)

17. Night Watchers (Instrumental)

Avens - Surrounding Reality (2011)

Avens - Surrounding Reality (2011)