Singles Going Single #186 - Brody \"Against Forgetting\" 7\" (Creep, 1995) MP3/Flac

It would seem that Brody's main claim to fame is serving as the launching pad for guitarist Fred Mascherino, who would later go on to replace John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday.  Based in Philly, Brody's run spanned most of the '90s and produced this 7" and a mini-album, Worth Dying For.  "Against Forgetting" is a superlative slice of tuneful emo-punk from that era, that finds Brody subscribing to the aesthetics shared by contemporaries Sense Field and Texas is the Reason.  Cool.  A somewhat shoddy run-through of Don Henley's "Boys of Summer?"  Not so cool, but listenable.  The comparatively lengthy b-side, "Teaspoon" boasts well executed dynamics and for better or worse, is archetypal fare for Brody's genre of choice.  Mascherino has since departed TBS and now resides in The Color Fred.

A1. Against Forgetting
A2. Boys of Summer
B. Teaspoon