Human Television - demos (200?) MP3/Flac

I've wanted to do an entry on Human Television probably as long as I've been doing Wilfully Obscure.  The thing is, their meager catalog is still in print, digitally and otherwise, which means I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.  I do however have this collection of demos and rough mixes for their All Songs By Human Television ep, which I'm assuming I'm at liberty to distribute.  Apparently on hiatus at the moment, Human Television were a bunch of Florida transplants that relocated to New York and Philadelphia.  Cutting their jangly, noise-pop teeth during their mid-aughts tenure, HTV struck a happy (not to mention irresistible) medium of C86 era hanger-ons Wedding Present, with the sprite, post-punk revivalist sheik of The Strokes.  Not a bad formula to lay the foundation with if you ask me.  In addition to the All Songs... ep, there was a preceding CD single, and an excellent 2006 full length, Look at Who You're Talking To.  I don't have the titles to the particularly raw first two tracks, which so far as I can tell weren't re-recorded for commercial release.  Nonetheless, there are flourishes of clangy brilliance here.  Enjoy (or not).  Nice lengthy article on them here.

01. Such A Trip

02. Tonight's The Night
03. Yeah Right
04. Automobile
05. Tell Me What You Want
06. I Forgot
07. Saw You Walking By
08. Cars Are Weird
09. Tell Me What You Want (alt vers)
10. Automobile (alt vers)