Not Shakespeare ep (1986, Not) MP3/Flac

The roster of bands Mitch Easter produced at his fabled Drive-In Studios throughout the '80s is utterly staggering, and as far as I'm concerned bottomless, given that I'm still stumbling upon more vintage college rock records that have his name adorning back sleeves, as is the case with Richmond, VA exports Not Shakespeare.   I can't say this trio had a very heavy handed REM or Let's Active inflection to them, but still a relatively recognizable Mitch Easter production.  It's more Cactus World News than dBs if you get my drift.  "Get Well Soon" would have fit in snugly on a Red Rockers album.  Overall, immensely satisfying if not particularly innovative.  A Complete Bunch of Pants blog has some kinds words to extol on them, including a brief mention of a NS tape titled Not for Sale, and another 12" ep that followed this one.  My apologies for the pesky vinyl static and snaps.

01. Get Well Soon
02. Heaven
03. Turnaround
04. Susan