Miss Lonelyheart - Signal and Response (2002, Molecular Laboratories) MP3/Flac

I picked this one up several years ago for a very nominal fee, gave it a spin or two and filed it away for a half decade or so, like I do with way too many albums.  Today I pulled it out of retirement.  Upon doing some research on the apparently defunct Miss Lonelyheart, I learned their discography consisted of far more than Signal and Response, though all signs point to this being their swan song.  From what I've been able to surmise from my online travails, this album found them in a mellower state of mind, stacked up against their preceding full length, Geography.  Nonetheless I'm hearing a healthy dose of aggro indie rock swagger on Signal... pointing to due south, specifically Chapel Hill, NC.   Miss Lonelyheart may not bear the calling card of any particular Merge Records stalwart, but that lauded, regional indie aesthetic goes a fairly long way in coloring this album.  Aficionados of Buffalo Tom and Matt Pond, PA would also do well to get an earful of this Shippensburg, PA trio, who by the way, for this album were scaled down from what was originally a quartet.  Physical copies of Signal and Response may still be available from Interpunk

01. The First Barrage
02. Simple Line
03. On a Train Up a Tree
04. Transmission
05. Recalibration
06. Frontier Settler's Anthems
07. The Notes That Matter
08. Early Morning Runaways
09. Digital Imagery
10. Less Flattering
11. Discard the Three of Clubs