Brave Tears - Silver in the Darkness ep (1985) MP3/Flac

Tracking this down proved to be something of a challenge.  Then again, I suppose the same goes for just about any limited private pressing that's a quarter century old or older.  Speaking purely in terms of artistic approach and sonic demeanor, Brave Tears' Silver in the Darkness ep is no revelation - not by a long shot in fact.  Quite simply, I'm enamored by the tunes.  Unlike so much of the retro fare I'm wont to indulge in, there's really nothing post-punk, post-modern, or post any damn thing about this long decommissioned Anaheim five-piece.  Granted, Brave Tears skirt around the periphery of several indie guitar pop aggregations of their day, and to a lesser extent, '70s AM radio fare, but there's not an iota of "agenda" occupying any of these five grooves, from "Flippin' Through's" buoyant, jangly lilt, to the driving panache of "Jenny's Dyin'" or "The Wait."  I'm flattered to finally have this record in my clutches, and I hope you'll be motivated to give it a whirl at your leisure.  Mark McLay, half of the vocal presence in Brave Tears, has since pursued this endeavor, which I also thoroughly endorse.

01. The Wait
02. Flippin' Through
03. Jenny's Dyin'
04. Shadow Fades Away
05. Baby's Got a Lover