Serious Groove MP3/Flac

Serious Groove Volume.1

Shabazz – Glad You’re In My Life (12″)

Will Downing – Do You?

Randy Hall – Slow Starter

Sherrick – Just Call

John Whitehead – Body Move

O’Bryan – Right From the Start

Beau Williams – All Because Of You (Remix)

Kashif – Stone Love

Carl Anderson – Magic

Eugene Wilde – Just Be Good to Me

Demetrius – I’ll Be There, I’ll Be There

Dahweed – All Right, All Night

Spencer Jones – How To Win Your Love (Dutch Mix)

Dorian Harewood – Hard Headed

Michael Baker – Don’t You Want My Lovin’ (Dance Mix)

Johnny Kemp – Just Another Lover

Rockie Robbins – I’ve Got Your Number

Second Image – Don’t You (’85 Mix)

Tom Browne – Brighter Tomorrow



Serious Groove Vol. 2 – A Journey Into Eighties Boogie & Electro Funk

Rockers Revenge – Walking On Sunshine

Lenny White – My Turn To Love You

West Phillips – Sucker For A Pretty Face

Videeo – Closet Freak (both versions, my fav cut by far, dedicated to all you closet freaks…we – know – who you are!)

One Way – Can I

Vernon Burch – Do It To Me

Morgan – Wanna Love Ya

Serge Ponsar – Out In The Night

High Fashion – Break Up

Midnight Express – Danger Zone

Sunfire – Shake Your Body

Private Joy – Coolin Out

Finis Henderson – Skip To My Lou

Terry Burrus – Love Rockin

Glass – Bedrok

Omni – All For The One

Galaxxy – We’re Here To Rock You

Dayton – Sound Of Music

Sunrize – Who’s Stickin It

Bootsy’s Rubber Band – Body Slam

Xavier – Work That Sucker To Death

Bar-Kays – Sexomatic

George Clinton – Do Fries Come With That Shake

I-Level – Give Me

Mid Air – Ease Out (Instrumental)



Serious Groove Vol. 3 – Return Of The New Jack Swing

R. Kelly & MGM – Why You Wanna Play Me

Carl Linger – Super Love (extended mix)

Tony Terry – That Kind Of Guy (remix)

Suave – Got Me Goin’

Kool Skool – My Girl (12″ Mix)

Omar Chandler – Do You Really Want It? (feat. Prince Markie Dee)

Johnny Gill – Rub You The Right Way (extended hype feat. CL Smooth)

James Ingram – It’s Real (12″ extended mix feat. Teddy Riley)

Pretty In Pink – All About You (hip hop mix)

Jodeci – Gotta Love (daddy hip hop mix)

Basic Black – She’s Mine (hip hop radio mix)

Jeff Redd – You Called And Told Me (dave’s remix)

Portrait – Here We Go Again (til you drop edit)

Father MC – Close To You

Kwame and a new beginning – Oneovdabigboiz (supermegafatnowords mix)

Tony Scott – Love Let Love

Abstrac’ – Right And Hype

Tony Toni Tone – Feels Good (12″ party mix)

Livin’ – Schemin’ (12″ club mix)

Keith Sweat – I Want Her (saving the best for last! greatest NJS song of all time!)



Serious Groove Vol. 4 – 80′s Modern Soul and R&B

Gil Silverbird – Fool’s Paradise (We Can’t Go On Without Love)

Bryan Loren – For Tonight

Larry Wu – Let Me Show You

World Premiere – Share The Night

UK Players – You Make Me Feel

Second Image – Starting Again

Sunfire – Never Too Late

Gigolo – Precious

Bailey & Bridges – Come And Get It

Bill – Space Lady

Dayton – Promise Me

Weeks & Co – Think I’m Going Out Of My Head

Controllers – Stay



Serious Groove Vol. 5 – Old School Funk Edition

Blue Magic – See Through

Howard Johnson – Say You Wanna

Stone City Band – Love Hassles

Kadenza – Let’s Stay Together

Ritz – Workin’ Out

Tony Baxter – Screamin’ (James Who?)

J.T. – I Love Music

Michael Henderson – Wide Receiver

Jerry Knight – Do It All For You

Majik – You Gotta Get up

Herbie Hancock – Ready Or Not

Vin Zee – Funky Bee Bop

Bang Gang – Street Music

Jewel – Jewel’s Groove

The X-Man – That Body



Serious Groove Vol. 6 – Jazz Funk Fusion Horizons

Donald Byrd – Stepping Into Tomorrow

Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind

Norman Connors – Mr. C

Funk Fusion Band – Can You Feel It

Morrissey Mullen – Life On The Wire

Teruo Nakamura – Cat

B. Baker – Snowblower

Sadao Watanabe – Nice Shot

Grover Washington Jr. – It Feels So Good

Herb Alpert – Rise



Serious Groove Vol. 7 – Winter 80′s Soul & R&B Mix

1. Lillo Thomas – Settle Down (extended mix)

2. Steve Harvey – Tonight (kevorkian mix)

3. Krystal Davis – So Smooth

4. Desi – I Want To Be With You (extended mix)

5. Evan Rogers – Secret Love

6. The System – You Are In My System

7. Oran Juice Jones – The Rain

8. Oliver Cheatham – S.O.S. (extended dance mix)

9. Haywoode – Getting Closer

10. Nuance – Love Ride (extended mix)

11. Collage – Romeo Where’s Juliet (extended dance mix)

12. Kashif – Don’t Stop My Love

13. Kenny G – Hi, How Ya Doin’

14. Michael Lovesmith – Ain’t Nothin Like It

Bonus Track: The System – Don’t Disturb This Groove (groove mix)




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