Re up : Various - Hard Hitting the wewerka archives in the 60\'s & 70\'s soul Jazz Library 2008 (Sonorama) MP3/Flac

Label : Sonorama

Value : From 20 to 35 euros

Hard Hitting contains 16 previously unreleased tracks from the 60s and 70s - bass driven, full of drum breaks and with the wildest organ-guitar-piano-horn-reed-vibe-flute action, recently discovered in the huge archives of producer Hans Wewerka.

Vienna born Hans Wewerka produced over 12,000 recordings in various musical categories. He started his legendary career right after World War II as head of production at "Austrian Newsreel and Film Production" in Vienna. After founding his own movie production company in the same year, he produced documentaries and feature films with the most famous Austrian actors of that time before falling in love with the sounds of modern and popular jazz.

As early as 1952, he decided to leave the film production behind for moving to Germany and open up his own music publishing company "Edition Modern" in Bavaria, where he worked with many of the best European jazz musicians in various formations. Wewerka always had a keen sense of the best musicians and became responsible for the production of 1.500 LPs, while numerous outstanding but unreleased productions within the 60s and 70s were not released on phonographic records but included in movies and tv serials, not to mention numerous releases on his own record label.

Consequently he not only stored thousands of magnetic tapes in the basement rooms of his office, but also started to found more music publishing companies, later becoming managing director of the famous "Bavariaton Music Publishing" in Munich. Hans Wewerka is responsible for the worldwide representation of the BBC's music publishing rights since 1989 and was awarded with the medal of honour by the German copyright control organisation Gema in 1992. In 2001, he got the awarded honorary membership of the International Music Centre in Vienna. Without doubt, Hans Wewerka belongs to the few great and wise musical enthusiasts of our time, still working strong with his company in Munich until today.

P.s Rip & cover By radiodada.

Taste :

Joe Haider - Fa Fa 1

Rolf Wilhelm - Soul 'ong

Eugen Illin - Madison Square 3

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