Les Grands Succes des Editions Samay,Sonafric 1976 MP3/Flac

Once more I am presenting you an album by a group I can't

tell you anything useful about. There is a certain link with

the music of Angola but I do not know which. A fine opportunity

for you to make up and leave me a note. I think the average post

gets downloaded some 400 times in one week. If I'm lucky, one

percent drops a line or two. Mostly less. It's no problem, the main

thing is the music gets spread and people are able to listen to it.

Good thing it doesn't get forgotten and stowed away in dusty closets.

..suck it in and give it a spin..


1 Anaba samy na Cathy No 3

2 Telema Angola

3 Annita

4 Nzambe botisa ngai

5 Madja

6 Loposo

7 Mwana Angola

8 Yaka kwa diyokele