Culture - Vital Selection,Virgin 1981 MP3/Flac

This band delivered a steady reggae sound from the mid seventies

throughout the eighties. Joseph Hill was the group's leader and songwriter,

he died in the saddle, being on a European tour. He got ill very suddenly

and died the next morning on august 19, 2006, only 57 years old.

This is an album from 1981 on 'virgin' records, I am posting this one

especially for the people who were in the park with me last saturday.

We had us a sunny afternoon with irie rub-a-dub, rocksteady reggae

and other global grooves. Behold poor Jah people, stop the fussing and
fighting, work on natty and never get weary,

smoke up the international herb.


1 Behold

2 Poor Jah people

3 Stop the fussing and fighting

4 Work on natty

5 Never get weary

6 Citizen as a peaceful dub

7 Iron sharpening iron

8 The international herb

9 Too long in slavery

10 The shepherd

11 Holy mount Zion