Jair Rodrigues - Self Titled,Som Industria e Comércio 1985 MP3/Flac

Yesterday we had us another very nice gathering in the

park. Most of you are not able to come and visit me in

Amsterdam, I understand. Fortunate were a few who live in

my neighbourhood. Very nice to meet like that, in a relaxed

atmosphere out in the open. I want to dedicate this post to one

visitor in particular. Rogier, this one's for you. I was happy to

meet you and am looking forward to our next. We spoke about

Brazilian music and the coming events in our Netherlands capital.

I need to say something about the subject of today's post. Like all

Brazilian artists, to my opinion, Jair Rodrigues made far too many

records. Brazilians tend to play each others songs without exception.

The result is that more than half of it is undesirable. I am very sorry, do not

misunderstand me! I am a lover of good samba but the ballads for instance,

are really not made for me. I've been looking to find some of the samba's

on this record for years and finally found them on my trip to Salvador last april.

To my humble opinion, 'Não bota no meu' and 'O carioca' belong to the

hottest samba's ever. So being honest, I have mixed feelings about

this LP, but since it contains these hits, I feel obliged to post it.

Focus on side one and you'll be dancing around the house all day.

Só um pouco de besteira você vai agüentar, ..hein.. ? Escuta..!


1 Não bota no meu

2 Sonho nordestino

3 O carioca

4 Êta fuzuê

5 Na boca da avenida

6 Todo Brasileiro

- Dona Maria

- Maria pé de boi

- Prepare o limão

- Pagode Japonês

- A feijoada

- Menina Baiana

7 Majestade o sabiá

8 Papo informal

9 Coração de malandro

10 Sonho e vida

11 Pega prá capar

12 Eu sou de você