Kawere Boys Band - Kenyafrica ! vol.5,Playa Sound 1976 MP3/Flac

This is volume 5 in the Kenyafrica series. It features the

'Kawere Boys Band', a wonderful group that delivers

a strong album of benga. It appears on Playa Sound

and was released in 1976. The LP's backside doesn't

give us any information but I am sure this was one of the

leading bands from the era. Listen and you'll have to agree.

Remarkable, most of the benga albums from the seventies

have titles concerning people's names.

Volume up, make space, dancing

mood, jivin' pace..


1 Omolo Mzee

2 Aoko Sipy

3 Joseph Awiti

4 Twkiko Abala

5 Elizia Atieno

6 Anjilina Oloo

7 Ochieng Abok No.2

8 Anyango Anah

9 Anyango Margaret

10 Atieno Risy