Rochereau - le Seigneur Rochereau a l\'Olympia,african 360.028, 1971 MP3/Flac

Le Seigneur Rochereau a l'Olympia, I'm not exactly sure

if this concerns a live recording. The applause, the exited

crowd has been mixed in between afterwords obviously.

The actual music thereby, does not sound so live to me.

I do not mean to say I don't like the album though,

Rochereau's songs and beautiful voice always

find a happy and satisfied listener in me.

Is it live or studio ? What do you think ?

In a studio with audience maybe..?


1 Moussa

2 Moto akokana nzambe akosukisa

3 Assambela

4 Mystere

5 Nalembi

6 Fetiche

7 Paulina

8 Riverra