Red Krayola - Singles (2004) MP3/Flac

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01 Woof
02 Old Tom Clark
03 Pig Ankle Strut
04 Wives In Orbit
05 Yik Yak
06 Micro-Chips & Fish
07 The Story So Far
08 Born In Flames
09 The Sword Of God
10 An Old Man's Dream
11 The Milkmaid
12 Ratternmensch Gewichtswachter
13 Zukunftsflieger
14 Red Krayola On Forty-Five
15 Your Body Is Hot
16 4Teen
17 Stink Program
18 Chemistry
19 Farewell To Arms
20 Come On Down
21 Stil De Grain Burn

The group’s four decade career has managed to navigate several of the most important underground movements of their respective times (60s countercultural psychedelia, late ’70s/early ’80s post-punk, ’90s Chicago independent rock); more importantly, their records often seem to exist as commentaries on their immediate surrounds, the genre expectations of the collective of musicians drawn upon by head Krayola Mayo Thompson...


Preview: Red Krayola - Pig Ankle Strut: