Various Playtime - 14 Pure 70\'s Jazz-Funk Tracks 2000 (Hi&Fly) MP3/Flac

Label : Hi & Fly

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Stone funky! This is a super-hip batch of obscure funk tracks -- nearly all of them with a hard edge, tight guitars, raw soul vocals, and a very heavy beat. A few of these have shown up on other compilations over the years, but the overall package is excellent, and most of these tracks are only currently available on this hip set! Titles include "Do It Nice & Easy" by Eddie Drennon & BBS Unlimited, "Contact Off Funk" by Larry T-Byrd Gordon, "Doin The Creep" by Alvin Cash, "Funky Driver On A Funky Bus" by Charles Leonard, "In The Bottle" by Brother To Brother, "Hang On In There" by The Stovall Sisters, "Funky Robot" by Dave Cortez, "Hot Chocolate" by Chocolate, "Boogie The Devil In (Bump The Devil Out)" by The Chubukos, and the hilarious "Soul President Number One" by John & Ernest !

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Bus People Express -? Augusta Georgia (Here I Come)

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By Electric looser