Bob Dunn\'s Vagabonds MP3/Flac

For all of you Bob Dunn fans out there, "and who isn't?" who bought the super Origin Jazz Library 2 CD box set  and want more, here are 11 more songs by Bob Dunn's Vagabonds. For those who didn't get the box set,,, "Get it, got it?!"
The only song missing to complete the set is
( I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)   De 5868-B)

Session info for the songs included in this download

March 2,1939; Rice Hotel, Houston, Texas.
Bob Dunn, steel guitar; Hezzie Bryant, bass; Fritz Kehm, drums; Moon Mullican, vocal; Leo Raley, electric mandolin; Mancel Tierney, piano.

Too Long (Charley McCoy)    De5667-A
It Must Be Love (White-Robinson)    De5694-A
Toodle-Oodle-Oo (Morand)    De5676-B

Septembers, 1939; Rice Hotel, Houston, Texas.
Bob Dunn, steel guitar; Hezzie Bryant, bass; Sybil Hopkins, vocal -1; Chuck Keeshan,
vocal -2 (& possibly guitar, rather than McBride); Dickie McBride, guitar; Moon Mullican, piano;
Leo Raley, electric mandolin.

Basin Street Blues (Spencer Williams) -1    De5733-A
Was That All I Meant To You (Tommy Ware-Bill Shertzer) -1    De 5746-A
Meet Me Tonight In Dreams (Ted Daffan) -2    De 5789-A
Wednesday Rag    De5772-A
Sweet Bunch Of Daisies    De5746-B

April 11, 1940; Rice Hotel, Houston, Texas.
Bob Dunn,  steel guitar/vocal-1; probably Hezzie Bryant, bass; Sam Jones, electric guitar;
possibly Dickie McBride, guitar; possibly Rudy Rivera or Anthony Scanlin, clarinet; Mancet
Tiemey, piano/vocal -2.

I'll Forget Dear (That I Ever Loved You) (Bob Dunn) -1    De 5828-B
I Found You Out When I Found You In (Somebody Else's Arms) -1    De5848-B
'Round Her Neck She Wears A Yeller Ribbon (For Her Lover Who Is Fur, Fur, Away)  -1 or 2?    De 5868-A

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