Midnight Star - The Beginning (Funk) MP3/Flac

1. Keep The Spirits High
2. You're A Star
3. Follow The Path
4. Set Me On Fire
5. Make It Last
6. Searching For Love
7. Two In Love

Aside from the uber-cool Star Trekian CD cover fans of Midnight Star's heavily synthesized 80's techno sound will not find what they're looking for here.'The Beginning' was realesed in 1980 about five years after the band was officialy formed and the Calloway brothers and company were then doing straight funk-very much in the vein of Cameo,Con Funk Shun and Fatback.During this point their main weakness (like that of many funk bands of this period) is the ballad-both "Follow The Path" and "Searching For Love" are deadly dull-plain and simple.
'You're A Star" is the funkiest tune here as well as one of the more individual.On "Keep The Spirits High","Set Me On Fire" and the closer "Two In Love"-all unbridled uptempo funk it is clear what variety of funk Midnight Star favored at this point-a heavily produced dancable approch with alot of rhythm guitar,echoplexing and synthesizer flourishes;more often then none not a stripped down musical approch.That's not a bad thing since many of the songs hold up well to the concept.The bands first hit "Make It Last",like the rest of this album doesn't sound remotely like anything Midnight Star are currently associated with-a very early Rick James-ish late 70's Motownish dance-funk number.Like The Dazz Band,Cameo,The SOS Band and other 80's era synth funk bands Midnight Star got their start in this far more traditional vein.The electro sounds wouldn't start to appear until 1982's 'Victory' LP but standing as a good sampler of Midnight Star's potent,if slightly derivitive funk beginings this will do very nicely.And one wonders what would have happened if the Calloways had decided to have the band stick with this sound and never develope into the synth-funk that would later make them famous.My guess is they may have had a cult following at best but never,as they did,achieve true fame.