5th Dimension - Star Dancing (Funk) MP3/Flac

01. You Are The Reason
02. Hold Me
03. Going Through The Montions
04. You Are The Most Important Person In Your Life
05. Star Dancing
06. You're My Lifetime Opera
07. Slipping Into Something New
08. We Could Fly
09. A Good Love

This was the 1st album that the group did after the departure of Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr. and Ron Townson. Not only that, but the group didn't have longtime producer Bones Howe, or their arrangers & musicians who were all part of their classic sound. So, the 5th carried on with original members Florence LaRue and Lamonte McLemore, and on this album added Danny Beard [ who passed away in a fire sometime after the release of this album ], Terri Bryant and Mic Bell. Basically, everything that was a mainstay for the group changed, and this is a whole different sound on this, the first of 2 albums that they did for Motown in the late 70's. The concentration is on R&B and dance songs, and HOLD ME is the standout on this album - a percolating dance song with female/male leads, and 5th-like background vocals. It figures that this is the best song here, as longtime arranger ReneDeKnight did the vocal arrangements on it. SLIPPING INTO SOMETHING NEW could easily have been the title of this album, and is a good one too. And YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE wriiten & produced by Pam Sawyer/Marilyn McLeod is great too. The title cut STAR DANCING is pretty funky, and has vocals all over the place. Must have been the popularity of Star Wars around that time. YOU'RE MY LIFETIME OPERA is another song that more's in the traditional of the original 5th. All in all, I give Florence , Lamonte and the new members credit for moving on, getting a whole new sound and working with new writers and producers including Hal Davis, Harold Johnson, & Michel Rubini . Occasionally, you do hear some inklings of the 5th's trademark blends in some of these songs. It appears that each member gets a lead , although it doesn't say who sings lead on each track. It's a nice updated sound for the 5th, but certainly didn't add up to any hits for the group.Actually, the group sounds fresh & invigorated with a new energy. I thought that the last few original 5th albums on Bell became too adult contemporary sounding. STAR DANCING is fresh, funky & a pretty good listening experience. Released in 1978, and the first of their 2 albums for Motown.