B. B. & Q. Band - The Brooklyn Bronx & Queens Band (Funk) MP3/Flac

1. On The Beat
2. Time For Love
3. Don't Say Goodbye
4. Starlette
5. Mistakes
6. Lovin's What We Should Do
7. I'll Cut You Loose

When the Guadeloupe born businessman and executive producer Jacques Fred Petrus and his main musical producer and co-worker Italian Mauro Malavasi (today a well-known producer of artist like Andrea Bocelli) in 1981 had a bunch of tracks ready for release they created a new band. They named it "The Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens band", or just B. B. & Q. band as they most often later on was called, after the three main areas in New York. The dynamic duo, that in 1975 had created the "Goody Music Production" company (later transformed to Little Macho Productions), had earlier during the late 70s created and produced bands like Macho, Revanche, Peter Jacques band and foremost Change.

In 1981 all of them, except Change were either gone or put aside at the expense of other and newer projects, and B. B. & Q. band were one of them. Via New York guitarist Doc Powell net of contacts Petrus hired Paris Ford (called Peewee Ford on the debut record) on bass guitar and his "cats" containing Abdul Wali Mohammed on guitar, Ike Floyd as lead singer, Dwayne Perdue on drums and Kevin Nance on keyboards to be the band.

Even though they released only four albums between 1981 and 1985 the band should have had much more attention than they actually received back then, and even today, they certainly earn it! On this brilliant 1981 self titled debut album of which the genius Malavasi wrote six of the eight tracks you'll get a smooth pop funk set of music with infectious melodies and punchy guitars. The album includes the excellent dance hit "On the beat" that reached the number 8 spot on Billboard's chart. But you'll also get the irresistible "Time for love" with a powerful and haunting song effort, joyous, "Starlette", with a dreamy break, and "Mistakes" with plenty of groovy guitars!