Soundbombing Vol1 (Rap) MP3/Flac

1. Intro - Evil Dee
2. Flipside - Ra The Rugged Man
3. Fire In Which You Burn - Indelible MCs
4. Lune TNS - Company Flow
5. Nightwork - Sir Menelik AKA Cyclops 4000
6. Arabian Nights - Shabaam Sahdeeq
7. Fortified Live - Reflection Eternal
8. Show Me Your Gratitude - L-Fudge
9. 'Till My Heart Stops - Ra The Rugged Man
10. Freestyle - Mos Def
11. So Intelligent - Sir Menelik AKA Cyclops 4000
12. Empire Staters - B-One
13. If You Can Huh... - Mos Def
14. Universal Magnetic - Mos Def
15. What If? - L-Fudge
16. My Crown - Black Attack
17. 2000 Seasons - Reflection Eternal

Hip-hop compilations are a dime (bag) a dozen, and there's plenty of continuous-mix albums around. What makes this one special? Simple. It's a well-put-together mix of Rawkus Entertainment's best singles of 1997, and Rawkus is known for concentrating on strong MCs and creative DJs--hip-hop that holds up over time, not just the flavor of the moment. (Rawkus is also responsible for the excellent Lyricist Lounge, Volume One compilation.) Check out "Fire in Which You Burn," which puts the Indelible MCs over a sitar-tinged, raga-esque backing track, or the acclaimed--if still up-and-coming--Company Flow and Mos Def. Also good: Ra the Rugged Man, who comes across as a junior Busta Rhymes; Black Attack's jazzy "My Crown"; and Kool Keith's guest spot (always a treat) on Sir Menelik A.K.A. Cyclops 4000's "So Intelligent."