Kinks - One For The Road (1980) MP3/Flac

Kinks - One For The Road (1980)
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Kinks - One For The Road (1980)
Kinks - One For The Road (1980)
Kinks - One For The Road (1980)

There's so much to recommend about the DVD version of One for the Road that it's easy to accepts its several flaws. Videotaped at a Providence, RI, concert during the Kinks tour to promote their surprise hit 1979 album Low Budget, One for the Road is an excellent showcase of one of rock's most innovative bands during the height of their popularity as ticket-selling arena act. Musically, it features most of the Kinks classics that you'd expect -- "Lola," "You Really Got Me," and "All Day and All of the Night" are included -- plus a liberal sprinkling from their then more recent work. While there's no one big standout number, that really isn't a bad thing. The overall musical performance quality is strong, though you could make a very good case for preferring the studio versions of most, if not all, of the songs. The video quality is not so consistent. The editing is sloppy and there are far too many moments when indifferent camera operators carelessly point the lens directly at one of the stage lights leaving light-streak artifacts on the image for the next several shots. Maybe it's harsh to compare One for the Road visually to that ?ber-standard of concert films Woodstock, but you'd think that by ten years after the standard was established, things wouldn't have regressed this much. The credited editor on One for the Road is Wayne Hyde. The credited editors for Woodstock were Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker. Obviously, One for the Road isn't in the same league, even if it has to compete for the same consumer dollars. Fortunately, it's worth those consumer dollars. Among the extra features there's an audio track by guitarist Dave Davies and an amazing cool video tour of the places in London where the band members grew up and began their careers. If you want to find fault with the One for the Road DVD there's plenty wrong to be critical of, but for the sheer entertainment of enjoying a Kinks concert from their pinnacle as a performing band, this is a DVD that you really shouldn't miss. (Allmusic)

1. All Day and All of the Night
2. Lola
3. Low Budget
4. Superman
5. Attitude
6. Celluloid Heroes
7. The Hard Way
8. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
9. You Really Got Me
10. Pressure
11. Catch Me Now I'm Falling
12. Victoria

Dave Davies ? guitar, harmonica, keyboards, backing vocals
Ian Gibbons ? keyboards, backing vocals
Mick Avory ? drums
Jim Rodford ? bass, backing vocals

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