Turkish Freakout Volume 2: Psych-Folk 1969-80 2011 (Bouzouki Joe) MP3/Flac

Label :(Bouzouki Joe)

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Last summer, indie label Bouzouki Joe brought you a choice selection of some of the finest rare Turkish funk and psych-rock grooves, painstakingly unearthed direct from the source in Istanbul. The result: you freaked out (in a good way). With that in mind, Bouzouki Joe presents the second installment of Turkish Freak Out!, featuring another batch of classic tracks from the Golden Age of Turkish music. With spiritual guidance from Mister Jason, this compilation, comprised entirely of original 7” recordings from Turkey’s most creative and experimental artists, is guaranteed to deliver another five-star freak-out.

Taste :

Baris Manco - Mozart

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By Electric Looser