Various - Six Miles From The Cage vol.1 : Sounds from Greece 1965-67 1998 (Royal) MP3/Flac

Label: Royal Records

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It's a finaly ready!!!
After years of research all the Greek sixties garage bands available in the most complete series possible.Six Miles Of The Cage,the encyclopedia of the Greek scene,will feature in this and in the next volumes all the mid-sixties bands with their best recordings.

The Ultra rare 45's will be present both sides,unless one of the two sides in uninteresting.

In this series you will find only the bands that have up to 2 interesting 45's or 4 strong compositions from various release.
The bands with up to 4 good 45's or 8 killer tracks will be featured in slip lp's.
Finaly, bands with more killer compositions, sush as the Blue Birds will be featured in lp's of their own.

Obviously,the Greek sixties scene house much more than just male teenage punk bands.
Girl punk bands of female singers backed by punk bands wiull be featured in other series.Furthermore nightclub shakers, vocal and instrumental,from the 1965-67 period,filled with hammond-vibraphone-saxophone sounds will be feature in a special series.From liner notes.

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The Saints - Let me Know

The Quites - Kiss Me Not For Money

Squirrels - The Adventure

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