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The band formed in 1987, initially named The Baby Machines, with a line-up of Meriel Barham (vocals), Emma Anderson (guitar), Miki Berenyi (guitar), Steve Rippon (bass), and Chris Acland (drums).Anderson and Berenyi had been friends since the early 1980s, and published the Alphabet Soup fanzine together.In 1986 Anderson joined The Rover Girls as bassist and Berenyi joined The Bugs as guitarist; neither band lasted long, and in 1987 they joined Barham and Acland in The Baby Machines.Rippon joined shortly thereafter, and the band members decided on a change of name to Lush, making their live debut at the Camden Falcon on March 6, 1988.Barham was fired, with the rest of the band deciding she lacked commitment (she later joined Pale Saints). Anderson and Berenyi then took on lead vocal duties.

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Lush - For Love

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