Amnesty - Free Your Mind (Funk) MP3/Flac

Free Your Mind: The 700 West Sessions
1.Can I Help You?
2. Love Fades
3. Mister President
4. Free Your Mind
5. We Have Love
6. Lord Help Me
7. Three Cheers For My Baby
8. Trouble Will Remain
9. We've Come A Long Way
10. Liberty

I had to stick up for this album since no one else has reviewed it yet. The lack of critical press for this album is puzzling, it is definitely some of the best music I have heard in a while. Egon from Now Again (subsidiary of Stones Throw) has done it again, unearthing a true gem that has Temptations style vocal harmonies set to hard funk and r&b. The music was recorded in 1973, but it contains a timeless quality which would sound fresh and exciting in any era. There is an urgency and energy to the music, from the socially concerned lyrics to the incredible instrumentation. Fans of L.A. Carnival or any other funk and soul groups need to check this out. Highly recommended.