Terumasa Hino - Hi-Nology (Jazz) MP3/Flac

Terumasa Hino - Hi-Nology (Jazz)

1. Like Miles
2. Electric Zoo
3. Hi-Nology
4. Dupe

Fast, extremely energetic fusion jazz album (with the emphasis on jazz). Hino leaves no doubt that he is indebted to Miles Davis; one of the tracks is titled "Like Miles" (and sounds very much like Miles). And yet, Hino is no Miles clone. In fact, on this 1969 recording Hino ventures into realms that Miles hadn't really visited yet. After Filles de Kilimanjaro, Miles' records were assembled in the studio from snippets, and his live recordings were mostly extended jams of large ensembles. Hi-Nology is much more straightforward and concrete. Whereas Miles became interested in texture, Hino, despite the fusion idiom, also keeps a footing in hard bop. Therefore, songs are never abandoned for patterns, and when the solos deconstruct a theme, they will always eventually piece it together again. If Freddie Hubbard hadn't gone all gooky in the late 1960s, you could image him playing like this.