Tommy McCook - Horns / Tenor in Roots (Reggae) MP3/Flac

Blazing Horns / Tenor in Roots

1. Blazing Horns (Extended)
2. Tears Of Love
3. Glorious Lion
4. Mine Eyes
5. Jamaican Place
6. Yellow Bird
7. Tommy's Mood
8. Ites Of Zion
9. Jah
10. Lambs Bread
11. Riding West (12" Mix)
12. More Music
13. Tubby's Control
14. Everyday Sax
15. South Side Feeling
16. When I Fall In Dub
17. Far Over Yonder
18. Gold Street Skank
19. Harry Meet Tommy
20. Way Down In South

Here are two 1970s LPs by Tommy McCook, as well as one extra single (Riding West). The CD remastering is good...clear, crisp, deep, and colorful. The design and short essay are very satisfying. This disc was produced by Blood & Fire, who TRULY care about the music, and have consistently brought the public a valuable product that is worth their money and time.

Tommy McCook was highly versatile, and here we have him playing some kind of mix between ska, rocksteady, reggae, 70s groove music, and jazz, with touches of other tropical genres. There are beautiful, refreshing melodies running throughout, great musicianship, and even some dub. Tracks 1-10 were produced by Yabby You, whilst tracks 12-20 were produced by Glenmore Brown. Track eleven, "Riding West," is a once rare number produced by Edward "Striker" Lee, and is a nice extra. ALL tracks in this collection were expertly mixed at King Tubby's studio, by the great King Tubby and his protege' Prince Jammy. Tubby's mixing is subtle and sophisticated, as witnessed on the very first track which is over eight minutes long, with the original LP track blending flawlessly into its gorgeous dub version.