The Dirtbombs - Horndog Fest (1998) MP3/Flac

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01 Vixens In Space

02 I Can't Stop Thinking About It

03 Granny's Little Children

04 Bittersweet Romance Song

05 Armageddon Double Feature (Lovesick Blues #4)

06 She Blinded Me With Playtex

07 A Brief Treatise On The Discovery Of Antimatter

08 Pheremone Smile

09 My Heart Burns With Deeps Of Lurve

10 Burnt To Cinders

11 Fox Box

12 Shake!! Shivaree

1998 debut from Mick Collins and his Dirtbombs. Imagine Velvet Underground, Gories, and Oblivians battling to death inside a tuna fish can, their raw and ultra crude instrumentation blazing away with hell-bent fury...


Preview: The Dirtbombs - A Brief Treatise On The Discovery Of Antimatter: