Slapshot - Digital Warfare (2003) MP3/Flac

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01 Digital Warfare

02 The Last Laugh

03 Identity

04 Kill Your Parents

05 Spirit Of '81

06 Straight Edge

07 Had It With Unity

08 Tear Down The Walls

09 Stupid Fucking Kids

10 Focus

11 Wasted Time

12 Witch Hunt

13 C Is For Cookie

What else can be said about this band? They brought Boston hardcore to the forefront way back in 1985. This album is as brutal as ever without so much as a pause. From the first song to the last, hails of grinding guitars work through their three chords and done approach. Choke's metal mincing vocals haven't changed an ounce even though the abuse they have taken is probably immeasurable.


Preview: Slapshot - Straight Edge: