Dead Man\'s Shadow - The 4P\'s (1983) MP3/Flac

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01 Neighours

02 When Our Blood Is Spilled

03 Don't Be Told

04 Needles

05 Will Power

06 Action

07 Greed

08 We Can Do It Together

09 Insecure

10 Danger UXB

11 O.H.M.S.

12 Perfect World

13 Reject Slips

14 Anthem

21 Bomb Scare

22 Another Hiroshima

23 Fighting For Reality

24 Flower In The Gun

25 The Last Cowboy

26 Toleration Street

27 In My Dreams

Remembering one of the lesser-feted, but no less deserving bands to emerge from the early -'80s punk meltdown, 4 P's is the story of Dead Man's Shadow, a West London band that may have arrived a little late in the day (they formed in 1980), but nevertheless blazed with a purity that had not been sighted since the movement's heyday, way back then...


Preview: Dead Man's Shadow - Anthem: