Kelly Slusher – Rocks And Tears MP3/Flac

If, like me, you like Kelly Slusher's music, there's a truly excellent live version of the song 'Knee Deep' (track #5 on this album) on the live compilation 'Invited to Dinner', released by Red Square Records in 2002.

555 Records still have copies of that CD compilation and are selling them for only 1$! Now you really have no excuse not to own one. And it's a great compilation, worth more than just 1$.

Artist: Kelly Slusher
Title: Rocks And Tears
Format: CD album
Label: Elefant Records
Cat. Num.: ER-1092
Year: 2002


01: Untrue
02: I'm The Devil Of The Neighborhood
03: Sing That Song
04: I Need You
05: Knee Deep
06: Movie
07: One More Thing
08: I Was Wondering
09: 55 Dollars