Fumio Kitaoka's Woodblock Prints MP3/Flac

Last month I purchased this book, '60 Years of Fumio Kitaoka's Woodblock Prints', trying to widen my cultural horizons, you know, beyond the indie pop ghetto. The woodblock printing technique in itself is quite amazing, but what struck me in this collection is that some of these prints reminded me of Thom Winterburn's paintings used by The Edsel Auctioneer on some of their records. Maybe it's just my imagination, and maybe I should follow my doctor's advice and spend more time away from my computer, but compare these two paintings. When I opened the book and first saw this self-portrait I immediately thought about the Edsel's Starfish EP. To me there's an obvious connection. The setting most likely, but also the rough lines and the slightly twisted perspectives. What do you think?

Fumio Kitaoka, Self Portrait (1969)

The Edsel Auctioneer, Starfish EP (1991). Painting by Tom Winterburn.