Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour (1974) MP3/Flac

Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour (1974)
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Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour (1974)
Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour (1974)
Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour (1974)
Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour (1974)
Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour (1974)

Irish Tour '74 is a blues oriented rock double-album by Rory Gallagher. The album was compiled from live recordings made at concerts on an Irish Tour in January 1974. Irish Tour has sold in excess of two million copies world-wide. An article in a Belfast daily newspaper stated: "Rory Gallagher never forgot Northern Ireland, he returned throughout the '70's when few other artists of his caliber dared not come near the place.

The companion piece to director Tony Palmer's documentary of the same name, Irish Tour 1974 was recorded that January in Belfast, Dublin, and Cork at a time when precious few performers -- Irish or otherwise -- were even dreaming of touring the trouble-torn island. Northern Ireland, in particular, was a rock & roll no-go area, but Gallagher never turned his back on the province and was rewarded with what history recalls as some of his best-ever gigs. Irish Tour 1974, in turn, captures some of his finest known live recordings and, while it's impossible to tell which songs were recorded where, across nine in-concert recordings (plus one after-hours jam session, "Back on My Stompin' Ground"), the energy crackling from stage to stalls and back again packs an intensity that few live albums -- Gallagher's own others among them -- can match. Highlights of a stunning set include dramatic takes on Muddy Waters' "I Wonder Who" and Tony Joe White's "As the Crow Flies," a raw acoustic rendering that is nevertheless totally electrifying. A frustratingly brief snip of the classic Shadows-style "Maritime" (aka "Just a Little Bit") plays the album out in anthemic style and then, of course, there's "Walk on Hot Coals," a marathon excursion that posterity has decreed Gallagher's most popular and accomplished statement -- a status that Irish Tour 1974 does nothing to contradict. It's foolish playing favorites, however. Even more than Gallagher's earlier (1972) Live in Europe album, Irish Tour 1974 confirms Gallagher not simply as the greatest blues-man Ireland ever knew, but as one of the island's greatest-ever performers.

In the late 60's and early 70's, rock was ruled by the guitar gods. Clapton with his smooth licks and easy control. Hendrix with his brash individual style. And Page with his ever adventurous spirit. I had the privilege to see them all. Clapton in a tasty but rare appearance with Derek and the Dominoes. Hendrix in two inconsistent sets that flashed brilliance and boredom. And Page in an arena-sized homage to self indulgence.

Then there was Rory. Eschewing the wall of amplifiers and the "wish-to-kill sound", Gallagher stripped his set to the bare minimum. Small amps, small drum set, and a beat-up old Stratocaster. While the guitar gods brought their large amp banks and egos to match, Gallagher brought his "nice-guy" persona and determined work ethic. Always the gentleman, always the humble showman, Gallagher always put the audience first. And he always delivered a great show!

Clapton had his taste. Hendrix had his sexuality. Page had his trips to tonal nirvana. But nobody, NOBODY, could boogie like Rory! In the 70's, I saw Rory four or five times. Every time I left the concert with a big smile on my face.

IRISH TOUR '74 is proof positive of Rory's talents as a guitarist and a showman. The album displays Rory's "let's have a party" spirit with a band as tight as you'll ever hear. From Cradle Rock to Walk on Hot Coals, Rory will have you up and dancing around the room from the first note. Because it has some of the best blues-boogie music from the era, IRISH TOUR '74 is one of the best live albums of the 70's.

Rory, you gave us your best here below. Now, boogie with the angels.

Rory Gallaher ? guitars & harmonica, vocals.
Lou Marin ? piano.
Rod de?Ath ? drums.
Gerry McAvoy ? bass.

1. Walk On Hot Coals
2. Tattoo'd Lady
3. Who's That Comin'
4. A Million Miles Away
5. Going To My Home Town
6. Cradle Rock
7. As The Crow Flies
8. Hands Up
9. Bulfrog Blues