The Beacon Street Union - Blue Suede Shoes - Four Hundred and Five MP3/Flac

The Beacon Street Union was a 1960s psychedelic era rock band, named for a street in their native Boston, whose original members were John Lincoln Wright (vocals, percussion), Paul Tartachny (guitar, vocals), Wayne Ulaky (bass, vocals), Robert Rhodes (keyboards, bass), and Richard Weisberg (drums). With the exception of a few rock standards, their diverse music was composed by group members, primarily Wright and Ulaky.
MGM Records promoted them as part of the so-called "Bosstown Sound" (along with the groups Ultimate Spinach and Orpheus), with little success. Their first album was released directly before Ultimate Spinach's first album. After two albums, Wright, Ulaky, Weisberg, and Rhodes recorded an album as Eagle. Later in the 1970s, Wright went on to write and sing country music as leader of the Sour Mash Boys. The first Beacon Street Union album charted at #75 on May 4 of 1968.

A cool fuzzy guitar driven version of Blue Suede Shoes from the Beacon Street Union and a flip that, well, kinda has to be heard...
It actually sounds as if it being played at the wrong speed but the 45 says "45 R.P.M." I've included a version @ 33 RPM's so you can be the judge...

Safe to say that by 1968 these cats were "experimenting" w/ more than music...?

The Beacon Street Union - Blue Suede Shoes

The Beacon Street Union - Four Hundred and Five

The Beacon Street Union - Four Hundred and Five - 33 RPM