Josh Garrett & The Bottomline - Live On Printer's Alley MP3/Flac

Born in New Roads, LA in July 1979, and raised in the bayou town of Houma, LA, Josh Garrett has been entertaining audience all over the country for the last five years with his own style of Louisiana Blues. Garrett’s style is a mixture of Louisiana Blues, New Orleans Funk, Zydeco, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. “I’m drawn to all things Louisiana, it’s my culture and I try to embrace it,” says Garrett.
Josh Garrett released his debut album, “Changed Man” in 2008. Most of the tracks on the album were composed during his time deployed with the U.S. Army to Iraq. “It was a rough time in my life, and writing these songs made that time more bearable. I wasn’t even sure I was going to record [these songs].
They were just a release for me,” say Garrett. The self-produced album is a direct reflection of Garrett’s Louisiana heritage, and the feelings brought about by his deployment to Iraq. He says, “I enjoyed recording the album, and I’ve already started writing for the next album.”
On November 20th 2009, Garrett released his second album, "Live on Printer's Alley". The album was recorded at "Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar" on Historic Printer's Alley in Nashville, TN in early February 2009. This double disc recording truly captures the energy that is released at one of Garrett's live shows and it contains new songs like "Damn Shame" and "Take Me Home".
"I feel like I’m at the beginning of my career. There’s alot more for me to do, a lot more place to go, a lot more shows to play, and a lot more albums to record,” say Garrett.' Josh Garrett has become known for his soulful vocals, emotion infused guitar styling, and that South Louisiana flavor that only comes from those with Louisiana in there blood.
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